Below you will find a description of the Golden Dawn tradition, the work of Alrakis temple, European and international links, and the overarching organisation, the Hermetic Society of the Golden Dawn.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn began in 1888 in London, England. It has since spread worldwide, inspiring various developments and offshoots.

  • We are a syncretic tradition that combines and unifies many different magical systems employed in the Western Mystery Tradition, including, but not limited to: Masonic inspired ritual, Qabalah, Alchemy, Rosicrucianism, Astrology, Tarot, Hermeticism, Enochian, Geomancy, Magic and various other esoteric subjects.
  • We practice a system of mystery drama which aims to cause change or transmutation through dramathurgy, including ceremonial initiation, group ritual and individual work.
  • We are a fraternal group that is open to committed people from all backgrounds. The Golden Dawn was one of the first magical groups to accept women and since its founding it has included members of multiple religions, teaching that there is value in all of them. We are open to members from various backgrounds without prejudice.
  • We are an esoteric school that teaches a structured approach to magic, teaching mainly theoretical knowledge in the Outer Order (the Golden Dawn in the Outer) and practical magic in the Inner Order (the RR et AC).
  • The Golden Dawn is a living, breathing and growing tradition with more members today than at any time in its history. Many Order papers remain unpublished and modern adepts are contributing new material, just as the adepts of the original order did.

Alrakis Temple, European and International Links

Alrakis Temple, the public designation for the Irish Temple is named for a star in the constellation Draco Major. Alrakis Temple is a private, inwardly turned society focusing on providing the original ritual and teachings of the Golden Dawn, as well as a broad appreciation and insight into the Western esoteric tradition. We are focused on building a well informed, quality membership and welcome considered membership inquiries.

We cooperate with members across Europe to deliver weekly opportunities for learning, and also cooperate with other international areas and members. We also benefit from the patronage of an overarching organisation from which we draw support, resources and expertise.

As well as Alrakis, we have members and working groups in several European countries including the UK, Belgium, Germany and Austria, with support and structures for distance training, to start local working groups, and the opportunity to travel to a full temple if one doesn’t exist in your immediate area yet.

Hermetic Society of the Golden Dawn

The Hermetic Society of the Golden Dawn is a private Order with activity around the globe. It was founded in 1999 by high ranking Freemasons and SRIA members who practice the Golden Dawn structure, techniques and ceremonies as they were originally done in 1888. The HSGD is an esoteric and fringe-masonic society open to individuals of all creeds, races and genders. The HSGD continues the initiatic lineage of the original Order of the Golden Dawn. Our work is that of the original order of 1888, and not the later Stella Matutina ceremonies.

Books Published by HSGD Members

Below are a series of books written by, edited and contributed to by members the HSGD. (Click arrows to scroll).