HSGD Europa Public Talks – Summer 2023

This summer we are offering the following talks as introductory content to offer insight into our work. Note: We run limited public events yearly. Our primary activity is inwardly turned in a closed temple and education programme. We do not maintain a mailing list beyond our own membership.

An Introduction to the Golden Dawn Tradition

Saturday, 24th June
8pm Ireland/ UK
9pm Central Europe

This talk has been prepared to introduce interested people to the work of the Golden Dawn. We will look at What the Golden Dawn is, some of its history, its structure, its activities and how one can take the next steps towards membership.
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn began in 1888 in London, England. The tradition has since spread worldwide, inspiring various developments and offshoots.
This presentation is suitable for all interested persons as a basic orientation.


The Curious Story of Christian Rosenkreutz

Saturday 24th June
8pm Ireland/ UK
9pm Central Europe

The Rosicrucian Brotherhood announced itself in 1614 with Fama Fraternitatis, the Fame of the Fraternity. It tells the story of Brother C R, and the founding of the fraternity. This introductory talk looks at the the fraternity and its founder, Brother C R. This presentation is suitable for all interested persons as a basic orientation.


Planetary Magic: An Introduction

Sunday, 9th July
2pm Ireland/ UK
3pm Central Europe

A practical magical workshop on planetary magic, with special emphasis on the instructions of the Picatrix and putting together planetary ritual.


Opinions expressed are those of individual speakers and do not necessarily represent Alrakis Temple or the HSGD.

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